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STATE SHAPE Reflectors
REFLECTOR ZIPPER TAGS are all the rage for highlighting zippers on jackets, jacket pockets, back packs, book bags and purses - literally any zipper tag anywhere! Now imagine them in the SHAPE OF YOUR STATE! Make them extra valuable by putting a HEART shape in the center so you automatically get a "I Love" message. Check out the NY state tag to see how good it looks.

We already have produced a number of State shaped tags, and these all can be produced rapidy with your own messages. Each tag comes in a clear plastic bag with the Reflector, a zipper clip and an instruction sheet, and then packed 250 tags per bsg.

You get to choose the message for the front of the tag, and at slight extra cost, the back as well. Even the Instruction sheet can be customized if you like. There are 20 reflector colors to choose from, and all products meet or exceed US Product Safety Standards.

Production costs are reasonable at our factory in China:

1000 = $.95 ea.
2500 = $.75 ea.
5000 = $.65 ea
10000 = $.50 ea
25,000 = $.45 ea
50,000 = $.38 ea
100,000 = $.35 ea

Prices include one side imprint. ADD $.03 for 2nd side imprint.
Reflector Tags are individually packed with zipper clip and instruction sheet,
packed 250 per bag. Other quantities per bag can be made available for your convenience in distribution.
Normal delivery 30-45 days by sea freight - ADD $.05 ea for 15-20 day delivery by air.