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Safety reflectors can help reduce the 70% in-the-dark injury / death rate among pedestrians and cyclists, as reported by NHTSA. It's easy to help make people more visible in the dark. Reflectors of all colors, sizes and styles can be worn or affixed to clothing, footwear, take along, cycles, skate boards - literally anything you wear or carry.

It's a known fact that even a small thumb sized reflector sticker or zipper tag can make a person dressed completely in black more visible than a person dressed in white. The reflector element can be seen up to 500 feet away from the motorist's headlights.

Federal, State and Local officials claim nighttime pedestrian injuries and deaths are America's most preventable tragedies. Eight of ten drivers who struck people at night say they did not see them in time. The chance of being hit by a motorist is eight times lower when carrying or wearing a reflector. In a survey of safety specialists, reflectorization countermeasures have the highest overall rating as a means to reduce school children accidents occurring during darkness.

NON FOOD SAFETY FUNDRAISER - At a New York State Parent Teachers Association annual meeting it was pointed out that reflectors offer a unique fund raising appeal - they are not a food and they are a safety product, and the combination makes us highly desireable for use in fund raising programs. Our reflector tags make people visible in the dark, and that is easily demonstrated with a flashlight.

 REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - All of our reflectors are now made with microprism reflector raw materials, providing the most brilliant reflective surfaces available in the world today. The products are non-toxic and lead free and meet all CPSIA requirements

2015 - All prices have been updated January 25, 2015, and reflect the new CPSIA compliant materials used in all of our USA and CHINA made products. Please review carefully since quantity and pricing has changed.
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